Are you mulching the right way?

Mulch — we all use it, but are we using it in the right way? Believe it or not, mulching has a major influence on the quality of our trees. The latest mulching technique known as “volcano mulching” is erupting with popularity. However, this popular technique is actually doing more harm than good!

Volcano mulching is a method where mulch is piled high forming a volcano-like shape at the base of trees. This prevents the tree from breathing and can cause moisture to build up, which allows our trees to experience extreme levels of rot and decay, resulting in death! This doesn’t seem fair, does it?

To truly see mulch at work, let’s take a look at our own trees. Poor mulching has the power to turn the happiest of trees sad, and we all want our trees to stay happy, right? So Fayetteville, let’s talk about how to use mulch the right way!

We would never cover a whole plant with soil when planting it, so why would we do the same to our own trees? It’s important for trees to be able to breathe in order for them to properly grow. Mulch should be pulled away from the trunk allowing the base of the tree to be exposed. This technique will improve the quality of our trees and their overall lifespan.

Fayetteville, let’s be kind to our trees and end this poor mulching habit! Learn more about proper tree mulching on the City’s website.

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