Insider Reveals The Shocking Person Who Is Trump’s VP Choice
 One of the biggest things on people’s minds who are following the current 2016 US Presidential Election is “who will Donald Trump choose to be his running mate for Vice President?” Well now, has exclusively learned from sources connected to the Trump campaign that Trump and his advisors allegedly have been having meetings as early as October, 2015 with one of his opponents — a person that Donald Trump feels will be the best bet for a running mate in what is sure to be a tight election. The Trump Card? “Trump and [John] Kasich had a meeting in October [2015] where they discussed the election moving forward.” has learned exclusively. The source continues: “[Donald] Trump straight-out asked Kasich if he would consider being his running mate. Trump felt at the time that if Kasich won Ohio — a state Trump desperately needs to win the Presidential election — then Kasich would be the absolute smartest pick for a running mate.” Our source tells us that in that meeting, Kasich and Trump committed to nothing official, but agreed that if Trump took the lead, Kasich would jump on board. While both men have had their differences, it is […]

 March 15, 2016 at 11:44PM
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