How TDs and Senators plan to vote on Repealing the 8th amendment.

On Thursday evening Micheál Martin’s evening statement in the Dáil sent shock waves through both the Irish government and the general population. Openly declaring he would support repealing the 8th amendment despite the Fianna Fáil Ard fheis voting against the amendment is considered by some to be one of the dramatic statements in the Dáil since Enda Kenny's historical speech on the Cloyne child abuse report.

Still, Micheál Martin is just one of 216 elected members of our Dáil and Seanad, so how important is his stance overall?

The Irish Times have kindly taken the time to collect some data on how each TD and Senator is planning on voting in the upcoming referendum.

The Irish Times emailed every TD and senator last week with a request to state their position on the proposed repeal of the Eighth Amendment. TDs who did not reply were later contacted by text message. Though most responded, some did not declare how they intended to vote. In some cases, where individual TDs did not respond to the survey, it was possible to discern their attitudes through previous statements or votes in the Oireachtas. The results will be updated as they change in the coming days and weeks. (Pat Leahy ,Irish Times, 12/01/2018)

You can find an interactive dashboard here with the data, unfortunately the dashboard only tells you so much. I decided to download the data and pull my own results. I personally prefer to see the numbers on these things!

Overall, how are our elected representatives planning on voting?

How does this break down party by party?

Finally, how does your constituency shape up?

I would have liked to have done some more in depth analysis, possibly looking at how demographic variables are grouped in the yes, no and undecided areas. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any open dataset to support this!

Interested in playing around with the data yourself? You can find my Python notebook hosted here on Github along with the dataset. Fork it, play with it and comment any interesting finding!

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Cheers to the Irish Times for collecting this data!