Light Up Your Life: Four of the Hottest Lighting Trends of 2017 (So Far)

Though lighting is a key aspect of interior design, lighting design doesn’t have to follow the same trends. Lighting design has its own innovations and trends that can then be incorporated into interior design. Since many major design shows have happened and the year is already almost half over, let’s take a look at some of the lighting trends that have been popular so far in 2017.

Warm Metals

Silver and chrome are waning in popularity and warm metals like gold, copper, brass and rose gold are ready to step up to the plate. These colors have been building in popularity in interior design in general over the past few years but have now really hit their stride in lighting. Gold hues will add a warmth and depth to your decor that silver tones can’t. You can treat gold almost like a neutral since it can easily be mixed and matched with other metallic finishes for a brilliant layered look. Insiders believe the trend for warm metals is going to be around for awhile, possibly for another decade, so investing in this trend will likely be worth your while.

Minimalist Geometric Lighting

Though it may not be a new trend this year, geometric lighting is going strong in 2017, and also becoming increasingly minimalist. Due to their simplicity, geometric lighting fixtures are incredibly versatile, and can look great in almost any decor. Many geometric fixtures add a modern and minimal, with a hint of mid-century modern, look to the space. Featuring clean lines, and often exposed bulbs, geometric lighting will likely continue to gain in popularity as more and more people embrace the minimalist style.


As seen at the Euroluce Lighting Design Exhibition at this year’s Milan Design Week rose pink lighting is a trend to watch. Pink has been growing in popularity in both fashion and interior design so it makes sense that it’s reached lighting design as well. A pink lamp or two is an unexpected way to add the hue into your decor so if you’re a fan of the color now’s a good time to find multiple pink lighting options.

Sculptural Lighting

Featuring sculptural shapes and gravity-defying designs sculptural lighting fixtures are just as much a work of art in the space as they are a functional source of light. Seen as a way to add art without clutter sculptural lighting can be incorporated into any modern design aesthetic. Probably the highest impact of the trends a sculptural lighting fixture will add a ton of visual interest to the space and may even become the centerpiece of the room.

A few other trends to keep an eye on include high-quality glass-work, lighting inspired by nature, and upgraded industrial lighting. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which trends to follow and which to let pass by. The above trends seem like they have lasting power so it’s worth considering investing in one or more of them. You could even combine some of them by looking for a lamp with a sculptural pink shade or a minimalist geometric lighting fixture with a gold finish.