I’m for Hillary.

By an optimistic unicorn

Not a woman, this woman.

Not the nominee, this nominee.

Some believe that Sanders has more supporters because his events are bigger, that his supporters are more passionate because his crowds are louder.

Yes, Hillary’s events are smaller. But not because she can’t fill a stadium. Her events are smaller because she’s better one on one. She’s better when she can look you in the eye and connect with you. She wants to talk with you and to listen to you. She can’t do that in an arena. She can in a small town hall or an even smaller breakfast.

Also, those huge events are incredibly expensive. Hillary was using our money wisely.

As for passion, oh is there ever passion.

But we’ve learned to hide it, to keep it to ourselves. Because we were disappointed when she did not get the nomination in 2008. Because we are ridiculed, mocked, insulted, and dismissed when we publicly express our admiration and support for Hillary. When we say we genuinely like her and believe in her.

The names I was called this primary season were unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Sometimes by Trump supporters. Sometimes by random trolls.

Far too often by Sanders supporters.

The worst by Sanders supporters.

I was called a cunt.

I was told I was talking out my clit.

I was told I support Hillary because I am a woman.

I was dismissed because I am a woman.

My opinions, my thoughts, my knowledge were all dismissed because of my lack of a penis.

All that just for expressing my support for Hillary.

You know what? I got over it. Not my support for Hillary! But rather the awful, sexist response to my support.

So, I kept it to myself. I’ve kept it almost entirely off of Facebook. I went there at first on Twitter, but that got old. I rarely get into it in real life.

Make no mistake, I am not cowed by these people. I am not intimidated. My mind is certainly not changed. I’m just so tired of it.

I’ve been a fan of Hillary’s since about 1992. All these years… of lies and hate and disdain and judgment. She’s been a rock star through it all. Me, I got tired of it. So at some point I started to keep my admiration mostly to myself.

That’s another reason I’m with her. I got tired of it while facing a mere fraction of what she faced — what she faces. But Hillary? She kept going. She doesn’t let the haters stop her. She never has.

There’s another reason I’ve kept it to myself. Fear.

Fear that our country isn’t really ready to elect a woman. Fear we weren’t even ready to nominate a woman!

I was going to be so disappointed if it still wasn’t our time. I wanted that to be a private disappointment.

But she did it! We did it! Whether she wins in November, she is our nominee! And she can win in November! We can win in November!

I don’t care how many times she says “I” versus the number of times she says “we”. Because what I know — from 25 years of watching her, from knowing what she’s done all her life — what I know is that she is for us.

Hillary does what she does to help all of us.

And the GOP knows it. Before she ran for president, all you heard from Republicans was praise: she was respected in the Senate, she was a respected SoS. She works across party lines and she gets things done.

Make no mistake, they don’t dislike her. They fear her. They know she can win. They know she can get things done. They know their platform of hate is toast if she wins.

As a woman, as an American, as a human being who wants better for everyone around me…

I am with her.

With passion and conviction and joy…

I am with her.

With a slightly lighter weight on my shoulders, with a smile on my lips, with happy tears in my eyes…

I am with her.

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