EDIT: Despite the exciting title, I stand corrected: Even when Custom Metadata records are retrieved with SOQL Queries, these are not included in the governor limit as documented here: “custom metadata records can have unlimited SOQL queries”. Thank you to everyone that came to me to let me know.

We all have this kind of project where some part of the application is close to the limit of allowed SOQL queries. Spring ’21 brings us a simple and easy way to remove some of them, let’s take a look.

Getting Custom Metadata records

Using Custom Metadata Types is a great way to store configuration information for your app that can be configured and deployed easily by an administrator.

Using it in your code requires you to retrieve ….



During our #TexeiAdventCalendar, we’re sharing some small tips we like, for instance new stuff coming from the Winter ’21 release.

One small improvement that you may have missed is the ability to auto add new custom fields to custom report type layouts.

Remember every time you created some new fields, and then got feedback from users a few days later that the field wasn’t available in reports ? No more happening with this new feature.

Just look for…



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