3 Mistakes that Can Really Hurt your Online Business… a Lot !

You’ve put a tremendous amount of hours to create these platforms.

Your website.

Your social media accounts.

Your freebies.

Your blog.

And so many other things.

But it seems that you don’t get the response you expected.

And you are wondering why…

Because you spent so many hours on these !

You want to have a successful online business.

And at the time, when you were creating all these platforms, you felt that you were doing the right thing.

But in a sense, you weren’t.

Here a the 3 Major mistakes that can really hurt your business… a lot !

1st Mistake : You Want to Reach Everybody

Yes. You are scared.

You are new to your market and you feel that in order to get the most clients, you should reach everybody.

So your message is broad.

Too broad !

Because you think that if you are too specific, someone else might not be interested in your offer.

But doing so is as if you are crawling across broken glass on your naked knees…

It hurts your business like crazy !

People are not attracted by generalists.

But they are by specialists.

It is better to go after a small amount of people, with specific characteristics, instead of going for a huge reach, that won’t be interested at all in what you do.

There is a difference between :

- Reaching out to female entrepreneurs or

- Reaching out to female entrepreneurs who are also single moms, with more than 2 kids and working from home.

See, in the last case, the target is more specific.

So the message will be extremely more appealing for the second group !

2nd Mistake : You Talk too Much About Yourself

You feel the urge to tell how many credentials you have.

How many years of experience.

And how good you are.

It’s all about you…

I am sure that you have already spoken to an entrepreneur who is only bragging about their own products & services.

You find it annoying, right ?

Extremely annoying.

So put yourself at the place of the person landing on your website, on your blog, on your social media page.

Are you just talking about yourself ?

Or you are showing them what’s in it for them ?

There is a huge difference between the 2 approaches.

One is seen like « egocentric »

The other one is more like « generous & helpful ».

A typical example is the « about you page » on your website.

Even though this page is called « about you », you should really consider it as focused on the people you serve, not only on yourself !

3rd Mistake : You Don’t Know your Perfect Client Well Enough or you Imagine you Do, but you Don’t

That is the biggest mistake from my point of view.

Thinking that you know what people want to know.

So you write about the stuff you love or that you wish to write about.

But your audience is not interested in that subject.

So people don’t feel attracted to your message.

They don’t feel that the info is specifically for them.

And you get frustrated.

Because you don’t get the response expected.

Because you feel that you are in an empty room.

The fact is that he is really in an empty room.

So the solution would be to question your audience.

Know all the details about your perfect client.

Who he is, what he does for living, what are his concerns, what is his biggest frustration or problem.

What can you solve for that perfect client ?

The more you know, the better your message will be.

And the more your offers will attract people.

And the more these clients will buy from you.

Keep in mind that you are in business to solve your perfect clients’ problems.

So the more you know about these problems, the more you can craft the best offers for them.

You won’t be hitting a wall.

You won’t speak in an empty room.

You will be seen as the best person to help your perfect client.

And you will develop a great relationship with that perfect client.

People will feel more engaged with you.

And you will quickly develop a sense of community.

So now, please, reevaluate the way that you communicate with your audience.

Do you really know your perfect client ?

Do you go for a market that is too broad ?

Do you only focus on yourself instead of focusing on the people you serve ?

Tell me!

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