Do you Usually Stick to the Plan or Not?

I have 2 brothers.

When we were younger and still living in the family home, whenever my mom bought a new piece of furniture, I would help my dad assemble it.

And my brothers would just watch ; they didn’t really take any interest…

I really appreciated those moments with my dad.

What I have always admired about him is his sense of structure.

He likes it when things are clear and organized.

He loves to follow plans.

I learned from him that the first thing we had to do when we got a new piece of furniture was to look at the plan, see how many pieces we should have, and separate all of them according to categories, making sure that everything we needed was there.

Then, we just had to patiently follow the plan and slowly assemble that new piece of furniture.

When we had finished, we were always proud of our work.

We had done it.

We had respected the plan.

And it was perfect.

Or sometimes, just almost perfect !

It’s funny how building an online business is different.

Yes, there is a plan, but that plan can change along the way.

Yes, there are steps to go through, but some are harder than others.

And unfortunately or fortunately, it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’.

Each business is built based on its owner’s experience, talent, hustle, strategy, as well as many other qualities and factors.

As entrepreneurs, we are also tempted to try stuff on our own, experience things, just to see what might happen…

Sometimes this leads to innovation, great discoveries, leverage.

And sometimes it leads to mistakes, discouragement, or even failure.

A few days ago, I was leading a workshop at the Creative Marketing Conference organized by the John Molson Marketing Association (Concordia University).

My topic was « How to Creatively Launch your Online Business : 5 Simple Steps to your Freedom Lifestyle ».

I led the students into these 5 Steps :

  1. Identify a problem that they would love to solve (ideally something that they are passionate about)
  2. Identify whether there is a market for their business
  3. Educate themselves on the subject, share their knowledge, survey their audience
  4. Attract people to their website with the right message
  5. And make an incredible offer

It was a quick introduction, something to initiate their thoughts on starting an online business.

(By the way it’s also funny how the majority of them had an idea or problem they wanted to solve for people that had nothing to do with the program they were studying in…)

Let’s return to my plan topic : I feel that an online business owner’s journey might follow a plan, but that this plan is likely to change along the way.

But there is always some kind of plan.

Otherwise, you’ll end up talking about how « Someday I’ll… » with no specific time frame in mind.

And no progress.

And no results.

And frustration.

Is it that easy to make it ?


Is it also a challenge to follow it ?

Oh yes.

Is it worth it though to think about it ?


Is it the best thing to hire a great coach to help you with it ?


Now is your time to share. Are you a plan follower or do you just take each day as it comes ???

What has this approach done for you and your business ?

If you want to do a quick exercise and test if you can fill in the blanks about the 5 Steps to your Freedom Lifestyle, click here.

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