What Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Kerri Strug & Joannie Rochette can Teach you About Online Success

Kobe Bryant.

He’s just finished his career with a 60 points game.

Being the third best ever scoring basketball player.

Having played for the LA Lakers for 20 Years.


Stephen Curry.

He has just beaten his own personal record.

401 3-point shots during the regular NBA season.

Leading his team to beat the record of the Chicago Bulls with 73 wins, 9 losses.


Kerri Strug.


Making her team win the gold in Barcelona at the 1992 Olympics.

Landing perfectly on one foot.

Because the other one was severely injured.


Joannie Rochette.

Winning the bronze medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Just a few days after her mom died of a heart attack.




But human beings.

Just like you and me.

So, what pushes them to achieve such greatness ?

Talent you might say.

But it is sooooo not enough.





Dealing with pressure.

Bad conditions.

Or conflicting emotions.

And impossible situations.

Do you see where I am going ?

Why would I, as an online business owner, write an article about some athletes that touched my life ?

Whom I saw perform, live on television and who gave me the shivers just watching them, as well as inspiration and a kick in the butt to keep moving forward ?

What ever path you decide to take, it will never be easy.

There will be challenges.

What ever business you decide to start, its success won’t be guaranteed.

Believe me.

You will experience, like any elite athlete:

  • Injuries.

(When I was on the Canadian Handball Team, I once had a stress fracture in my back. It kept me out of the game for 6 months.)

  • Doubt.

(Just a few months after starting up with the team, I almost quit. Because I doubted that I could make it as a full time student and a full time athlete.)

  • Failures.

(In 1999, at the PanAmerican Games, my team missed the Sydney Olympic Qualifier by 4 goals, losing against Brazil in the Finals.)

  • People will let you down.

(For an unknown reason, our Federation decided to fire our coach, just 6 months prior to our Olympic qualifier, making it very difficult to change our whole strategies and adapt to a new coach.)


As I heard Craig Ballantyne say on I Love Marketing’s podcast : “What separates successful entrepreneurs from the other ones is their ability to follow and execute the plan.” Period.

Society trains us to become reactive.

To the sound of our phone.

To the news on television.

To the sales in the stores.

Instead of pushing us to believe in ourselves, and to focus on and express what we are worth.

Athletes have coaches who help them follow and execute the plan.

They practice.

They work on themselves, physically and mentally.

Online business owners also have coaches who can help them follow and execute the plan.

They read.

They work on their mindset.

They improve their skills.

They implement what they learn.

Elite athletes have that in common with successful online business owners.

Practice. Rest. Repeat.

That’s it.

Sounds simple.

But to keep it up?

Only a few can do it.

You know the recipe now.

So as Kevin O’Leary loves to say when an entrepreneur has to decide which offer he’ll accept or not on the Shark Tank : « So. What are you gonna do ? »

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