This is why.

There are two sets of reasons to care about your privacy even if you’ve got nothing to hide: ideological reasons and practical reasons.

  1. Your privacy is a right you haven’t always had.

Just like the right to interracial marriage, the right to divorce, female labor, the freedom of speech, and so many others, we didn’t always have the right to privacy. In several dictatorships around the world, they still don’t. Generations before ours fought for our right to privacy. Not caring about it shows little knowledge about history and the importance of it.

2. Privacy is a human right.


I’m not sure why but I have struggled with confidence since I was young. I guess it has something to do with seeing my parents as too perfect and realising I wasn’t nor would I ever be as good as them. Also, I’ve had a lot of pressure because I’ve lived in a small town till I was 18 and my father was a well known teacher. I couldn’t mess up or “everyone would know”. I never felt I was good enough.

I wanted to change this, so I set out to gain confidence when I was in the second…

I have always had a special pride for being able to think about things. Most people go about their lives without thinking about what they’re doing. Why do we do things a certain way and not another? Why are people racist? Or homophobic? Why do we need to feel fashionable? Why do we need religion? What is the best way to educate children? Is geography necessary? What void do we need to fulfill when we browse Facebook? Why do people smoke even though it can kill them? I have always spent a large part of my day lost in my…

You need to know something about me: I don’t have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things. But I am very intelligent. That means I’m able to acquire and apply knowledge very quickly. I’m also very curious. One of the things I have a lot of knowledge about is productivity techniques, methods, hacks, tricks, whatever you want to call them. I’ve been interested in increasing my productivity for a long time. In this post, you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to be more productive.

When I say “they”, I mean productivity gurus who write on their productivity sites…

Fábio Esteves

I’m a mechanical engineer passionate for comedy, fitness, tech, and minimalism. These posts are my view on the world around me.

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