A Genesis Story: The Dragon Tyrant

Fable Of The Dragon Tyrant
5 min readNov 22, 2022

Recounting the birth & importance of Vitalik Buterin’s favorite piece of literature

It all started in 2005 when Swedish Philosipher Nick Bostrom published pure genius on paper and the world met The Fable Of The Dragon-Tyrant.

The story is a masterpiece. A mixture of wisdom, imagination and morals it crafts a world we all know. A world that all comes to an end. The purpose? It is a mere suggestion by Bostrom that perhaps the inevitable end, that always looming death, can be avoided, or at least delayed through the power of technology and groupthink.

Now, this post, naturally, is intended to share how the Tyrant community is forming with might and why it will be the next big thing, so, we will leave the literary commentary for the critics (and rest of the open web).

One day several years ago, our big bang occured:

The story was so powerful, so moving, and so deeply connected with one of the most advanced futurists in the world — he had to share it. It went further:

Ever since that day, The Fable Of The Dragon Tyrant has been in VB’s bio (5 years and running). It got even better when acclaimed animator ‘CGP Grey’ turned it into a YouTube video. They are followed by Vitalik and Elon Musk.

Vitalik is a builder. He understood this story meant technology will be used to defeat aging and death, so he backed it up.

Introducing, Sens Research Foundation.

He didn’t just share the connection with the world, he put his money where his mouth was:

Vitalik is not alone in supporting this mission. He’s joined by many high profile futurists in a countless list:

That was then, this is now

Seeing all of this, in the midst of an explosion of VB’s impact on the crypto space, an anonymous team decided there is a beast that needs awakening.

A community was born designed around togetherness, thoughtfulness, and wisdom — with one goal, helping this Fable spread.

This project was launched on October 20th, 2022, and before sharing why it’s turning into Vitalik’s favorite side project, here are the facts:

If you’re wondering where that website comes from:

Then the fire was lit

After weeks of planning and community building, something happened. Something that will live forever and is responsible for the true birth of the project:

But why? Good question.

The community voice is growing louder and won’t stop until every technologist in the world understands the Fable and it’s purpose. It’s only been 1 month and here’s what they put together. This leaves out “the little stuff” such as big accounts backing it. These are simply actions, not speculation:

  • Announcement of NFT Project: this was the spark for Sens Research Foundation and VB paying attention. The community is building a NFT Collection of 750 ‘Fable Dragons’. Half the proceeds from the mint will be hardwired directly to the Sens Research Ethereum Donation Wallet (above).
A preview of the Fable Dragon artwork, with a custom 1 of 1 being made for Vitalik
  • Creation of Limited Edition Action Figures: as a fun way to commemorate Vitalik’s effort to spread the Fable, the community is 3d printing him atop of dragon: Vitalik The Conquerer! The first prototype is being shipped to the Sens Research HQ for display in their halls:
  • A Sequel To The Famous Video: the community is working on a YouTube channel dedicated to the Dragon Tyrant story. It will start with a revised “follow up” to the original video and turn into a place where many types of videos can be uploaded by key members, ranging from anti-aging to tech breakthroughs and more.

Many more initiatives will come from the community. Born just like Shiba and Floki, it is up to the believers in the community to create, recruit and protect this project. Simply put, its message is timeless and borderless. It’s up to us to spread the fable.

And then, Thanksgiving arrived in the USA and VB decided to shout out our young dragon community that is determined to give back from this day until the end of our days:

Oh and he tagged Elon Musk

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Fable Of The Dragon Tyrant

Technology in the fight against aging; a story tattooed on the soul of Vitalik Buterin and is wildly enjoyed by all of crypto fans worldwide.