5 Tips for Designing a Visually Compelling Brand

Your brand identity is how you choose to represent your company to consumers. When done right, it should reflect your company’s attributes and values. It should also communicate its personality.

A brand’s visual identity becomes the first relationship that consumers have with a company and the first thing they think of when they think of the company. In many cases, they may form opinions about your company on the basis of this identity because a brand’s identity forms an emotional connection with consumers. So developing a great brand identity is very important.

Brand identity includes everything from the brand name and associated colors, to the logo and slogan. Ideally a brand should communicate through symbols that are unique, simple, powerful and easy to reproduce.

Elements of Visual Identity:

BREAK THROUGH CLUTTER — Be brilliant and dramatic. In today’s culture, it is important for a brand to be eye-catching and memorable, otherwise it may get lost in the noise of incessant advertising.

RESILIENT — The brand should be memorable and identifiable enough to be recognized even when in black and white, transferred onto fabric, etc. Its visual identity should translate across mediums and still remain the same.

AUTHENTIC — Great brands stand for something. They form connections with their customers and become something people believe in. A brand’s visual identity should represent the company’s history, mission and values.

NIMBLE — An effective brand identity positions a company for change and growth. It remains one step ahead so that it can withstand changes in technology and still remain familiar to its consumers.

DISTINCTIVE — It’s not enough to just be different, you have to communicate this difference to the consumers so they understand it too. Your brand is the one that should stick with them.