The Rancour
On a cool Wednesday morning, Grace and her team had to organise an annual program of the association which involved a lot of work and logistics, so like every other leader would, she constituted a committee to see to the affairs. She was just going to deal basically with overseeing the overall affairs, and ensuring the team do their job appropriately. However in other for the committee to carry out certain plans, they of course needed finances and approached the treasurer Rita to release the budgeted amount for the program, which she gave reluctantly. Not because she didn’t want to release the fund, but it was a normal glitch for people handling finances to be that sensitive when it came to the money of the association. The head of the committee went on with all his plans for the hall, sound system, refreshment etc. 
The committee chairman soon realised he needed more money which had gone beyond the budget and the treasurer became overly sensitive, she approached Grace and told her the situation of things but grace gave the authorization for more money because things had to be done at that point, not being kept on hold. The event was eventually a success, and it was time for balancing the account. Grace asked Rita how much extra was added to the budget and she said, ten thousand naira. Grace said is a lie, and that was the trigger, Rita began raising her voice with a strong fury and kept on shouting at grace, asking her if she meant she has mismanaged the funds? Rita felt so pained because that statement was made before all the members of the committee and she felt really insulted by that, that she didn’t stop talking until she left. Grace didn’t understand what she had done wrong after Rita walked out on her and with everyone’s attempt to talk her into coming back, Rita left furiously after she had created a scene.
It was only a matter of ill communication skills from both Grace and Rita who failed to understand each other, neglecting the fact they were working together for the good of their association, not their personal good. Such persons however need to develop a better communication skill to avoid any case of this rancour in the future.
Design Challenge;
Why not empower the principal members of associations within three months on developed communication skills. As evidenced by a reduced event of misunderstanding between the officials and an attempt to pass on the knowledge to their successors.

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