The Ups and Downs of Pageantry

As usual there was an annual pageant planned for Mr & Miss VNC, it was the 6th edition and the whole stage was set and as the time approached, all plans were in top gear. The organisers from the look of things had put in so much effort, money and sacrifices. The hall gradually filled up with excited spectators eager to see the beautiful contestants and the various display for the night. 
Meanwhile, Oge was behind the scene, up and down, trying to organise the girls and gents on what was expected of them as they walked down the runway. Earlier on that day, she had put together some questions to be asked since she was the trainer of the contestants and it was only her duty to do so also. Augustine the man in charge of the whole event asked that he saw the questions which she obliged him. All was set for the event to begin and all the judges and dignitaries were invited and highly recognised by the MC who had taken to the stage. 
While the event was on and after the second outing of the contestants, Augustine came back again and requested that Oge gave the questions to the judges to do the asking. Oge vehemently refused in her failed attempt to try convincing Augustine that never has been heard in any pageantry that the judges asked the questions instead of the MC or the trainers as the case may be, interestingly a witness concurred to this statement. But Augustine kept insisting and began raising his voice and threatening but Oge wouldn’t have any of that. He left angrily and went to call the attention of the President who came and was harassing and threatening Oge to give up the questions to the judges who were already unsettled and wanted leaving. A guest got to know about the situation of things and she tried explaining to the President what was normally expected of a pageant. All he was interested in was protecting his relationship with the judges even if what they requested was wrong, he didn’t even care what his friend and assistance felt that he left really angry. For some minutes nothing was happening, and the MC had to keep talking so the hall wouldn’t be absolutely quiet. Oge was so angry she was almost choking on her own anger, disappointment and embarrassment. She went ahead to ask the questions but she left immediately after in tears and dismay of the embarrassment and scene caused. 
These kind of situation is not the first of its kind which in most cases costs the success of the event, therefore in order to avoid this, a design challenge is been considered.

Design Challenge;
Why not within three months equip the major stakeholders and organisers of VNC beauty contest on peace making capacity as evidenced by their ability to amicably solve their misunderstanding.

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