It’s no secret precious metals such as gold and silver are amongst the least favorite commodities for many investors, especially those on Wall Street. Unlike in other sectors where there are standard performance and governance reports which serve as strong indicators to financial analysts, gold reports no quarterly earnings and pays no dividends. This makes these commodities a little more problematic to analyze and handicap.

Over the years, this has left more than a few investors out of luck and out of cash when erroneously predicting a huge boom in gold or silver. …

The recent feud between Kanye West and Jay-Z is not the first time these two moguls of the hip-hop industry have gone at each other. But from all appearances, there is much talk about this being the straw that broke the camel’s back and that it may very well end years of business collaboration and friendship between the two artists.

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Recently, the internet and fans witnessed as Kanye West delivered a mouthful of ranting on stage during his ‘The Life of Pablo Tour’ in Seattle. The oral delivery of Kanye was not verses…

The gift that would change my life

No one can make you a successful entrepreneur, the desire and will to achieve success comes from within; and it determines how far we will go to reach our dreams. Don’t look to anyone else for the motivation necessary to build an empire; and don’t write off organization and team work.

Remember, everyone sees things from a different perspective, reacts according to their own needs; and in many cases believes that the solutions to their own problems can be applied to other people. They will try to get you to set your own…

Pitfalls that New Commodity Traders Fall Into

No matter how many trades I make or how many new traders I speak to one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the extent to which novice commodity traders make the same mistakes. Perhaps, what’s even more interesting is that I too made similar misjudgments on my first trades.

So today I’d like to share seven of the most common missteps that new traders make during their initial trades.

What are Commodities?

Commodities are simply physical goods that are exchanged as investments. They are desirable in the sense that they are highly demanded products that investors trade daily. Among the most…

Investing in commodities

So you’re thinking of taking the plunge and investing in commodities, right? Well like any form of investment, there are certain risks and other key pieces of information that you should be aware of before you decide whether or not to take action.

After investing in commodities myself, I’ve made numerous observations about what works, how it’s done, and what to look out for when investing in commodities.

What follows below is the culmination of many years of commodity trading. While not everything may apply to you, I hope that at least some of it is helpful to you.


As an investor who enjoys keeping an eye on the global financial markets and economic commentary it never ceases to amaze me how so many investors tend to overlook gold. Sure, like any investment there are several risks associated with investing in gold. However, if you’re considering added it to your investment portfolio, this shouldn’t necessarily disqualify it as an investment.

Here are the seven pitfalls of investing in gold, along with what you can do to mitigate these pitfalls.

1 — Gold Doesn’t Generate Recurring Income

Investing in gold is different than investing in real estate or stocks and…

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