NESTlab’s August 2017 Bootcamp — My Experience

While I admire my own writing skills, I dread writing long stories, so I’ll just keep this short and relevant.

Prior to the start of the event, successful applicants were sent an acceptance mail and were directed to create a GitHub account (to aid enlightenment of people about using open source, versioning if they previously had none), I already had that though. Prospective participants were added to the Bootcamp’s GitHub team. So, I couldn’t just wait for the event to kick off.

The first day started with introductions, participants were added to a Slack channel (An online team relation app aimed at fostering team work and aiding follow-up of team’s progress) and the set of questions for the first day was posted on the channel. We were split into 3-member teams and the first team to submit correct solutions to all questions was given 10 points extra, the second, 7 and then 5 points to the third in addition to the 10 points allocated to the tasks in total. It was fun as I saw some cool bad ass guys although no team could complete all tasks, I think.

The second day went in similar fashion to the first, with games aimed at fostering team work amongst people who know little/ nothing about one another before being placed together on a team. Although, the day went on with more seriousness with the tasks just as the first day, it didn’t go by without the devs being given food to bash on following series of debugging problems, lol.

The event went in good fashion till the last day, although I can’t give an account of everything that happened. There were mentors; Ayo from Popstand, Victor from FourthCanvas, Tayo from Placements, who gave encouraging, inspirational, motivational, although challenging talks. Participants were exposed to the use of Application Programming Interface (APIs) through API-demanding tasks and lots more.

Some of the positives I took from the events are: “A good team is vital to the production of superb results”, “Learning in the field of software development is an unending action”, “Write to understand what you’ve written”, and so much more. Words from the mentors such as “Don’t stay stagnant, look to the next curve in the industry” — Tayo Fagbohun, “Never stop improving your product” — Victor Fatanmi and some others will remain unforgotten.

Indeed, this was a successful research for the NESTlab arm of PlanetNEST. It was a fruitful event, one which most participants will look back on and remember as the perfect turning point.