Augmented Reality for Sports Apps

by MoodMe

Football. Basket Ball. Baseball. Cricket. American Football. Hockey… Sports = People’s Passions.

You may be into Sports for Passion or for Business (or both).

Passion because you were “born” fan of your Club(s). I understand my friends from Mumbai who are Gunners (Arsenal) or ManU even if they never lived in the UK.

I confess: I have a Purple Heart (not a US Marines, Anderlecht!) then I’m a Red Devil (Belgique) and Verde Amarelo (Brasil) & somehow ended up being Barça & a Blue Moon Citizen (just on time to celebrate their title after 44 years) with a nostalgia of Feyenoord).

Business in Sports is huge: Brands are eager to be associated to Sports, symbol of healthy lifestyle, individual achievement and team spirit.

No wonder TV rights are going through the roof at each new English Premier League auction.

When it comes to sharing the emotion, bragging about belonging to the glorious tribe of winners, or even showing your faithfulness in adversity, how do you express yourself in the Digital space?

In early 2017, Snapchat debuted Selfie Lenses for 13 European Football Clubs. (for strange reasons they did not exactly pick the best 13 but that’s a Pandora box to talk through in the Pub

These new lenses give fans a dynamic, fun way to get in on the action and show support for their team.

Snapchat has set the bar high when it comes to engaging experiences, since they acquired Looksery for 150 M$ and executed well, constantly enriching the Lenses and turning them into Ads, like they did for Gatorade and others (read more in our Blog post).

They certainly “nail” the fan emotion better than the mainstream Sports Apps, which are all about Information (& this data is becoming commoditized by data providers) and brings zero Emotion, like OneFootball for instance.

After yesterday game at Bayern, I can hardly imagine a Gunner posting this, not even Arsène would do that if you ask me

We believe in the power of Augmented Reality and Faces combined to create true scenes where the face of the fan meets with the colors of his/her Club. User Generated Content, we actors of the Tribe of our Club.

One can add a Brand to the mix. Usually when there is Football, there is Beer, not that athletes drink any. The end result is perhaps something like MoodMe concept for BUDWEISER and the LA LAKERS.

Interesting to see how a California based emotional tech company gets the Football fans emotions way better than any Sports App out there, be it an independent App Company or the Official App of the Clubs themselves.

The opportunity is to bring conversations to the App of the Clubs and therefore integrate such effects into the Apps of the Clubs, like we present in further detail in our Solutions for Sports page.