Snapchat Branded Lenses White Labelled & Democratized

Posted by moodme

Snapchat rainbow Lens

Advertisers Spend Big Bucks for Custom Snapchat Branded Lenses.

MoodMe = Branded Lenses white labelled.

20 Top Brands have run campaigns on Snapchat with custom — made Face Selfie Augmented Reality effects.

Brands spend 10–100 times less for a 1 YEAR LONG campaign with MoodMe Branded Lenses than on a 1 day campaign on Snapchat!

Gatorade Snapchat Lens

Lenses add colorful filters to selfies — from rainbow vomit to zombie faces — are wildly popular with millennials. In Q3 2016, Snapchat started selling sponsored filters that appear in the app for 1 M$ / day.

TacoBell Lens

2 brilliant effects, the Gatorade at Superbowl & TacoBell, got about 200 M video views after the users shared them in social media.

“Snapchat is a shiny object right now,” according to Atkinson, Chief Investor with PHD. Sponsored lenses are “the hot center for a marketer.”

A sponsored lens takes an average of six weeks to create.

Marketers lean heavily on Snapchat to develop the creative and apply it to the custom ad space alongside the app’s lenses offerings. After a lens is built, the marketers and Snapchat tweak & tune it to get the final creative before it runs.

6 weeks may seem a lot. It is a process of Ideation > Visual Mockup > 3D Modelling > Custom Coding & Animation to get a final result. This Ad unit is comparable to a mini video clip which airs on TV or at least on YouTube, and it goes through iterations with the Marketers, creative & tech teams.

Cointreau Branded Lens by MoodMe

While Snapchat is poised to do a big IPO, the trend on the price of these Ad units will be up.


While many Brands can afford a few M$ for a 1 day special campaign, our reflection at MoodMe is:

Why not run a 1 year campaign within the Apps that the Brand owns or Sponsors, such as a Cultural or Music Event or a Sports Club?

MoodMe offers the Snapchat Branded Lenses “white labelled”: the same Augmented Reality 3D animation is mastered and the same face tracking technology has been developed in house over the last 6 years.

We offer the whole creative and technical process to deliver Branded AR Face Effects in any Apps that the Brands own or Sponsor just for a few 100 K$ / year, roughly 10 times cheaper for 365 times longer!

We believe Brands should rethink how they spend money online. Instead of spending Billions to send people to “engage” on other’s properties, mainly Facebook & Snapchat, to lesser extent Pinterest, Twitter… why not move parts of the conversations to their own properties?