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Please note: we do not allow pharma, adult or gambling blogs or blog posts. Our system does regular scans of all blogs and if it finds specific keywords it will automatically remove the blog post and flag the blog for review.

If you’re adding the first blog, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Add Blog form. If you already added your first blog, then just click the green ‘New’ button.

Blog Settings

Blog Domain: Enter your new blog domain. At the moment no subdomains or subfolders are allowed.

Blog Network: Think of networks as niches — blogs in the same network will never be put on the same server. So you could have Health network, News network, Blogging network. For the first blog you can keep ‘Default’ network. You can rename it in Settings. More on that later.

WordPress Settings

Blog Title: Standard WordPress blog title.

Blog Tagline: Standard WordPress blog tagline (optional).

There are some other optional settings you can choose. For all we already chose the most popular options, so you can just skip these settings.

Install Popular Plugins: Here you can select the plugins you’d like to install immediately with the blog. You can of course add more plugins when the blog is installed.

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