Add blog posts to a blog

See this article to learn how to add a blog to your website.

Once you have added a blog to your site, its time to start adding Blog Posts.

Follow these steps to add blog posts to your blog:

Make sure that you are in the Blog section, where you want to add blog posts.
Click on the Add Post button.

This brings you to the screen where you can create your Blog Post and manage its properties. See below:

You can access all blog posts you are creating easily.
Blog posts are also categorised as Published or Draft based on their status.
You can also sort blog posts based on the tags added in a blog post.

For example, if you click on All, it would give you a listing of all blog posts. You can easily edit / delete a blog post from the listing page.

Pixpa makes blogging easy and fun. You can even add multiple blogs to your website. Each blog will have its separate identity, blog posts layouts and settings. This gives a lot of flexibility and power in your hands in terms of how you use Blogs to publish content in your website.

Check out this post on an example of adding multiple blogs in your website.

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