How Do I Pitch Or Submit A Story To A Publication?

At this time, general open submissions to publications are closed. If you want to publish a story in a publication, you will have to either start your own publication (where you become the owner), or else be added as an editor or as a writer at an existing publication. Alternatively, a publication would have to request your story.

Once you are a writer or an editor, you can add your story to a publication.

To be added as a writer at a publication, you’ll need to contact that publication directly.

We’ll use the publication Matter as an example of how to contact a publisher.

Go to the home page of the publication:

Scroll down until you see an “About” box, like so:

Under “Elsewhere,” you will see contact options which the publisher has made public:

In this case, you have email, Twitter & Facebook. Click on the letter icon to write them an email, which should automatically open your email client:

At the top of every publication, you will also see another “About” link for that publication.

In this case, the URL for the publication’s “About” page is:

Often publications will use this space to give more information about the publication, as well as instructions for how to pitch or submit stories for inclusion.

You’ll also have the chance here to see who the editors and writers are for a particular publication and get to know their work.

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