From artist Øystein Tømmerås studio. Øystein was interviewed in Faceless Artist №5

My Top 10 Distractions in the Studio.

Getting work done in the studio can be hard. So many distractions.

Here is the list, in reverse order, of my top ten distractions in the studio.

10. Cleaning. This place is filthy! I need to clean this shit up. It needs to be spotless! Or does it?

9. Helping my fellow artists. In a studio collective, there is always someone who needs help. And who am I to deny them my help. It feels really good to help others when you’re feeling bad about sabotaging your own work.

8. Looong lunch. When struggling with work what is better than a nice long lunch with your fellow artists.

7. Talking on the phone. When you’re feeling lonely in the cold, fluorescent light in the studio, that can be the only cure.

6. Facebook. Sad but true.

5. Talking. Socialising in the studio can be a major time thief. Bla bla bla.

4. Organizing the studio. Nice to get the logistics sorted out. Streamline everything. Sweet!

3. Instagram. My favorite app. Very time consuming. I need to post daily, but do I really need to check how many likes I get every ten minutes?

2. Reading. I love to read and it feels especially sweet in the studio.

1. Sleeping. Always got a nice chair to sleep in at my studio. I even have a couch now. It usually starts with me staring hard at one of my paintings, while mentally trying to solve a problem. Then slowly drifting off.