E-log Deadline for Trucking Industry is Set: What You Need to Know

Carriers Have Two Years to Get their Trucking Business up to Regulation

As of December 16th, the federal rule to require truck drivers to use e-log devices has been published in the Federal Register. Carriers and drivers have two years to comply with the new rule. The rule requires drivers to stop using paper logs and to use ELDs.

However, vehicles that were made before the year 2000, are exempt. The rule also has specifications in tact to ensure there is no driver harassment from carriers. Harassment of drivers is illegal, and drivers have the ability to report instances. In addition, drivers are required to carry eight supporting documents for every 24-hour period of their drives.

According to Overdrive, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has said the new rule will save the trucking industry $1 billion a year. It is also proposed that it will also save 26 lives and 562 injuries a year.

Now that there are regulations on the time allowed to stay on the road will significantly reduce fatigue and fatigue-related accidents. According to The Wall Street Journal, while some independent drivers are worried about the possibility of coercion and harassment from carriers, the American Trucking Association is on board with the e-logs. Bills Graves, president of the ATA says it “…will change the trucking industry for the better, forever.”

With the rule, drivers are capped at 14-hour shifts and they can only be on the road for 11 of those hours. Then, they must take a 10-hour break. This will ensure drivers are well rested and won’t be able to work overtime in order to get paid more.

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