The 10 stages of your first pug meetup

Pugs are amazing creatures that come with a lot of responsibility.

Every pug owner, secretly wants this:

But because you can’t have it, you go to pug meetups.

There’s something about seeing your pug run around with their kind:

  1. Understanding at once why it is called a grumble
  2. The look from bypassers (and your pride)
  3. The reverse sneeze talk as an ice-breaker
  4. Realising pug owners are shy
  5. And some very, very weird
  6. Shit, I forgot my bottle of water (and be pointed at as newbie)
  7. Where’s he gone?
  8. The hesitation (should I have chosen a pug cross? Nah)
  9. It sinks in (that your pug is the cutest)
  10. The walk home: I wonder if my pug needs a little sibling…

Best dog ever.

P.S. Owning a pug is a lot of responsibility. Don’t get one without being 100% of what it entails. Ping me anytime for information.

P.S.2 Ramon says hi!

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