THE SEC: Why the College Football Conference dominants at the Professional and High School Ranks

When people talk about college football, the acronym, for the Southeastern Conference is bound to come up. But why does the SEC dominate over the other 4 major conferences that make up the “Power 5”? They all vouch to be crowned national champions and have the talent and coaching to do so every year. So where is the dividing line? Lets start at the top.

Outside of playing the game you love and getting an education for free, there is one common goal that every other college football player shares. Playing Professionally. At the top of the professional ranks lies the NFL.

So how does the SEC breakdown within the National Football League?

According to 256 college athletes are drafted to the NFL every year. This number does not include rookie free agent signees, those players who possess the skill set needed to play in the League but for whatever reason, were not actually drafted.

In the 2016 draft 51 players from the SEC were drafted, 4 more than the next conference, the BIG TEN, who had 47 players drafted. of those 51, eight were drafted in the first round.

51 out of 256 may not seem like a large number, but after a drill down of percentages that number may have more impact.

SECsports says that since 2006 the conference has averaged 50 selections per draft. This means that almost 20 percent of players drafted yearly for the past decade have came from the Southeastern conference. This stat translate to 464 players from the Conference active on NFL Rosters as of June 11 of this year.

The NFL requires 53 players per team on the active roster. There are 32 teams in the NFL which translates to almost 1700 players making up the National football League. In total, this means that almost 30 percent of players in the best football league in the world went to SEC schools.

Now this information does not guarantee that if you go to a SEC school that you will get drafted but it does however show that the largest pool of talent does come from the conference.

These stats and information also trickles down the the level of football that players must succeed in before stepping on any college campus. High School.

ESPN ranks the top 300 high school players in the country every year. of those 300, 75 have already committed to playing for an SEC school after there senior year is complete. Again 75 out of 300 may not be a staggering number, but out that same 300, 86 players have not committed to any school yet. All of which have at lest one offer from an SEC school. So as players commit throughout the season, there is a strong possibility that after national signing day over a third of the best collection of high school talent could be lacing up their cleats in SEC territory.

So its simple, The best high school talents normally goes to the best colleges. The best players from the best colleges get drafted to the best professional league. It just so happens that all three levels The Southeastern Conference reigns supreme.

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