Task 1B — First Person POV Film of Central Park Mall

In this film I have used the point of view strategy of myself to portray the space of Central Park Mall designed by Jean Nouvel. The film techniques used are camera angles, camera movement and lighting to portray my perspective of the space. The reason why I chose to do this building is because of its unique structure in design and I chose to do it in first person because I feel like it’s more engaging as you become the individual in the film.

First Person POV Video of Central Park Mall — Password is 1B

So as you can see I have framed the space to portray the evolving contemporary architecture in the city and how loud and dense the city can be through the changing atmosphere. My motivation came from Noe Gaspar — Enter the Void made in 2010 who demonstrated the techniques of a point of view film.

- The camera angle is tilted to demonstrate a human perspective of the space shown in Figure 1.

- The camera movement portrays the space and how observant the individual is.

- And the lighting depicts the atmosphere/mood of the space.

Figure 1: Central Park Mall

So overall this limited first person point of view provides only 1 perspective of the building as it includes the movement and sound of space around only the individual.