On Psychology/Mental health.

This will make for my second attempt at blogging and my first attempt at writing on psychology/mental health. It's in the light of May being mental health awareness month.

So, before I knew about psychology, the mind and how it impacts behavior. It had been something I thought about quite often.

My psychological thoughts when I was younger were subconscious, random realizations of cause and effect, intuitive rumination about why I and others in my life behave the way we do.

So naturally I was excited when I came across the term 'psychology' and it's other concepts. At some point I started searching on the nature of my hyperactivity and impulsivity, I almost diagnosed myself ADHD.

Though the motivation to know more was broken for some reason when I was 17, maybe because it was a private interest.

I never spoke about these concerns with friends in school and consequently there was nobody to talk to about them with. And partly because I wasn't sure I was ready for such discoveries.

Moving onto 2018, my interest was turned on again, I became keen about it. Also I was active on twitter, and there were people who made me see things in the light I didn't before.

Since then I've tried to know more and learn gradually. mental health, trauma information, neuroplasticity and other such concepts.

Psychology is important. It helps people know who/what they are, understanding themselves and others around them, being attuned to their emotions, management, regulation and control of emotions, thoughts and behavior.

The relationship of these three concepts, emotions, thoughts, and behavior is something I seek to gain a lot of insights about.

The concept I most recently learnt of is attachment theory. which is about the different styles with which people get attached to others in relationships which is based on the kind of attachment they had with their parents in childhood.

I've not yet read well about it but the concept is really interesting cause it provides tools to make right choices and manage with regards to relationships.

A topic I'm majorly curious about is trauma. I feel everyone or at least the people who have access to information basically should be trauma aware.

In a way I see the world as mentally ill and traumatized, because there's a load of traumatizing agents everywhere.

Psychology if utilized properly does a lot of good. It saves lives. I feel people struggling (everybody struggles, one way or the other) will do better or manage functionally if they had the right information and make use of appropriate psychological tools.

Taking care of your mental health is protecting your health holistically. and this concludes it.



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Nervous Bod

Nervous Bod

A psychology enthusiast interested in mental health and trauma information.