Free Receipt Maker for Online Businesses and Commercial Stores

The Free Receipt Maker is a free tool that can be downloaded instantly and used immediately after downloading. The tool as the name suggests is a receipt maker intended for generating receipts and can be used by online businesses, retail stores, commercial shops, etc. The tool comes in very handy where their payment system is not computerized. And a receipt is very important to confirm the transaction. The tool is compatible on all devices that run on Windows OS including PCs and laptops. It is a standalone tool and is not associated with any other specifications. The tool is also small in size and users do not have to worry about the tool taking too much space in their system. Usage of this tool doesn’t affect the performance or speed of PC or laptop.

Coming to the features of the Free Receipt Maker , the app comes with excellent options. Users have to start by adding the customer name and address along with their business name and address. The app also allows users to add their business logo or company logo on the receipt. There is an exclusive column for text messages which allows them to add some disclosures such as return policy or exchange policy and the like. The completed receipt is now available either for saving or for printing. Saving the receipts makes it easy to track the pending payments in future.

About Free Receipt Maker

The Free Receipt Maker is a free tool that can be downloaded without the need for registration or subscription. The tool is recommended for businesses who do not have a computerized payment system or for those who want to incorporate physical receipt system in their businesses.



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