I want to join the top ranks of TopTal!

I always want to work for great companies. A while ago, a Pakistani entrepreneur tweeted about TopTal. The company lets you work from any part of the world. I am applying a as WordPress web developer to get work from it. I believe its going to be a great opportunity.

I have been developing WordPress websites from scratch from two years. The experience has been great. I wanted to work for a really great company so I though I should give TopTal a shot. I believe these people are changing the way world works by bringing in a new system of working remotely.

I will be trying to work on TopTal apart from my day job. I will be able to give them 3 hours on weekends and my Saturday.

I will be honest here. I wanted to work for a US company. My current company is US based but is located in Pakistan. I want to learn how people in Silicon Valley work. What technologies do they use and how hard do they work.

I believe its a great opportunity for anyone to earn a good pay from Pakistan or anywhere in the world.

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