New thoughts, new job and new focus.

I think from the mistake I made after getting out of University was to not focus on one thing and try to do multiple things at at time. Here are a few examples of this,

  1. Starting a company and thinking of ideas of different domains.
  2. Becoming a LAMP stack developer
  3. Becoming a MEAN stack developer
  4. Becoming an Android developer
  5. Becoming a front end developer
  6. Becoming a backend developer
  7. Becoming a Ruby on Rails developer
  8. Becoming a Machine Learning developer
  9. Becoming a IoT developer

I did whatever started becoming hot. I tried it all and didn’t focus on any of it. The best way to deal with this situation is to focus on what you can become good at and is in demand which is front end development. I will keep learning new things too and take out time for them but I will keep a focus and really FOCUS!

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