The milkman is back, but this time he’s gone digital.

In 1950s and 60s milk man used to come and deliver milk at the house. That methodology is back with online grocery shopping. Its back and its digital.

Sample grocery for home

Why buy from Super Stores

It is extremely cheap to buy from super stores. You do have to pay delivery cost but that’s for your ease.


You can order online using the website and it would charge the price at your step. Below are the features,

You can place an order via phone call or website

The company makes a phone call at your number to confirm that you want to buy the items and delivers the items at your doorstep.

Pay at doorstep

You can pay at your doorstep.

Membership cards

Get free deliveries by purchasing a membership card for a period of time.

Buy from any major city

It would support all major cities in Pakistan. Like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad.

Restricted areas

It would have restricted areas where we wont deliver. Areas where the law and order situation is not good will not be entertained.

Partnership with all major stores

It will partner with all the major stores in Pakistan.

Stores in Karachi

Stores in Islamabad

Stores in Lahore

Same day delivery service

Will deliver items on the same day to the customer.

Android and iOS app

I also plan to launch an Android and iOS app to help people buy from mobile.


Google Express, Instacart, Amazon Prime Pantry.

Fast Delivery

Customers want fast delivery on items and they can not wait much.

Ease of use and hassle free

The website and mobile app should be easy to use and the whole experience should be hassle free.



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