Frameshare, Idea of the Week

Harry Berger, a student at Tulane, joined FailUp this year in order to find collaborators and get advice for his new app, Frameshare. He wanted to find a mobile app developer and put himself in a community of people who were both interested in working and talking about his ideas.

Harry heard about FailUp on the billboard of his residence hall and thought the site would provide valuable insight. “Since I’ve created an account, I go on it whenever my computer is on,” said Harry. “I’m constantly refreshing the browser to see if others have responded.”

Harry expressed progress in growing his project since joining FailUp. “Within the first 24 hours, I already had a meeting with a developer. Before, it took me a year to find an app developer,” said Harry.

Frameshare is a collaborative editing social media app. “Users get the ability to edit photos together. Edits include stickers, images from an image search engine, as well as text boxes and scrawls,” said Harry.

Though Harry’s app is still in the pre-beta stage, he is excited for the future of Frameshare. He hopes to continue to gain more advice, especially on a financial model for his application, and collaborators from FailUp’s community of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

To help Harry out as he prepares to launch the beta version of his app, students can register on FailUp to connect & collaborate!

— By Liz Johnston, FailUp Contributing Writer & Loyola Campus Ambassador


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