BragOn, Idea of the Week

BragOn is a mobile app that brings the culture of bargain hunting into the virtual realm. Utilize the app to identify the best local deals in real time and share your finds with others!

What Stage is it in?

BragOn is in development and close to launch, they need passionate promoters to help them grow the BragOn community.

Who Should Help?

BragOn provides promoters with a unique opportunity to market and sell a product at launch.

Reasons to Join?

Promoters who join the BragOn team will get valuable marketing experience and a first hand look at the startup launch process. BragOn is also currently one of the most popular ideas on FailUp!

How to Get Involved?

Register on to request to collaborate on their idea! Remember, don’t forget to push yourself, make mistakes, learn from those failures, and failup!

— By Robert Bond, FailUp Marketing Intern


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