Fair Ninja - the next big thing in crypto

May 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Fair Ninja is the first worldwide classifieds marketplace using blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is here to raise security, make transactions faster, and make costs lower. Fair Ninja is the definition of these advantages and as a mass adoption of blockchain technology is looming, it is a perfect time for creation of such a platform. Every day the number of people getting introduced to cryptocurrency is rapidly increasing. The main problem is that we are still missing the place to spend our digital currencies. Fair Ninja is here to solve that big problem in the form of a multi-national online global classifieds platform where users can trade goods and services using cryptocurrency without the intermediate step of converting their digital currencies to fiat money. We want to make the platform approachable, fast and safe. As a result we are making Fair Ninja worldwide with a translation solution to automatically translate product/services for international customers. By using smart contracts we are making transactions safe between buyers and sellers as sellers get funds at the same time as buyers confirm that products are in the condition they agreed upon.

Our biggest advantage is that Fair Ninja is backed up by one of the biggest classifieds companies in Croatia -Oglasnik.

We have partnered with Gauss Development to help make our ambitious project a reality. Gauss Development is as a high quality development agency with more than 75 employees delivering a wide range of IT solutions.

To support initial development, partnership development, product launch and ongoing marketing, Fair Ninja will be introducing an ICO in June 2018, with a goal of raising up to $23.25 million.

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