Couple of things I’ve been thinking about this morning:

#MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain probably isn’t racist. He probably just doesn’t care. He’s willing to take the endorsements of anyone willing to give him one, because regardless of how many people are driven away by the KKK’s endorsement, it’s probably a net gain overall. By not disavowing the endorsement, it showed white supremacists that he might just be on their side, but has to disavow it because he’s gotta save face. They understand. A lot of them aren’t openly racist in person either, so this just goes to further show them that he’s one of them, even though he probably isn’t. This guy would accept an endorsement from Barney the fucking Dinosaur if toddlers could go vote. What he’s doing is playing ‘Moneyball’ with politics. Doesn’t fucking matter who they are or what they believe as long as you can get their asses out the door to vote for you.

Which brings me to my next point:

2. There were 2.5 million more democratic voters who voted on Super Tuesday in 2008 than in 2016, and the republican numbers were inversely equivalent. This is due to 8 years of a presidency, where a very large chunk of the population is pissed off, and believe the Presidency is the cause of it (because who cares about Congress, am I right?).

From 2000–2008, we had Bush Jr., who drug us into another quagmire (a cluster fuck, for those without a thesaurus) in the Middle East, we had the economy almost collapse, leading to millions of lost jobs, and lower wages, less opportunity, etc. Rightfully, people were pissed, and voted to put the other party in power to fix it. From 2008–2016, we’ve had a black guy with a funny sounding name in office, and a Congress who has done everything in its power to work against him. First, by doing everything they could to prevent his re-election (which failed), and then doing everything it could to fuck it up for the next guy/gal (which is going just about as swimmingly as the first time).

So, today, people are pissed again, because wages are still low, and the government overall looks to be as successful as a bunch of chimpanzees making tacos. Sure, you can eat it, but it’s probably not going to taste good, and it’s turned into a huge fucking mess. Some people still think that the economy is stalled (it’s not) because wages are still low/referring for the bottom 50% of the population. Like most things, it’s not as simple as pointing the blame at one person, or 500 (though, Congress has really been screwing all of us for a while). Don’t forget that companies are making record profits, while their lowest wage earners are starving, or needing govt assistance to not starve. Don’t forget that housing costs have skyrocketed, leaving EVERYONE with less discretionary income to help further economic growth. So again, people are pissed. Again. Which leads us to Super Tuesday.

This week, Republicans, who really feel like there are candidates who emulate their values, turned out in droves. Which is really great. Democrats did not. Mostly, probably, because they’ve been watching this clown-car of a Republican campaign thinking to themselves, ‘holy cow, these guys are batshit insane!’ and concurrently being complacent about who the democratic candidate will be.

This is not good. Complacency lost the 2000 election for Democrats, and it could happen again. It doesn’t matter how many hashtags you type in every day saying “#I’mWithHer” or “FeelTheBern” if you do go out and fucking vote.

So, whoever you are, wherever you are, vote in the Primaries, vote in the Mid-Terms, vote every chance you get, because that’s the only chance you have to voice your approval or displeasure towards the direction our country is going. I mean, unless you want to run for office, which turns into another thing entirely.

Thanks for reading my rant. Have a great day.