Five ways to store wine at home

Are you new to the wine game and have no idea how the connoisseurs keep their collections in pristine drinking condition? If you’re wanting to store your wine, but don’t have a fancy cellar, here are some simple rules to follow.

We’ve put together a list of guidelines to store your prized wines to ensure they remain perfectly palatable.

Keep the temperature down

Wine needs to stay at in a relatively cool environment for the flavours to remain stable. Leaving wine in warmer areas or directly in the sun will result in a flat aroma and taste. The ideal temperature is around 21°C and if temperatures reach over 25°C, chances are the wine will begin to oxidise.

Pick a spot and stick to it

Don’t move your bottles around. The best way to store them is to pick an area that is out of the way, and to let them rest without too many disturbances. The next time you touch your bottle of red or white, should be to consume it with an incredible meal.

Hang out in the dark

Temperature isn’t the only factor that affects wine and its flavour — light plays a part too. Ultraviolet rays can age the wine prematurely. There’s a good reason why wine cellars are so dark! Make sure your wine storage area isn’t open to lots of light.

Horizontal is the way to go

The best way to store a bottle of wine with a cork is to place it sideways on a shelf or cellar storage unit. This ensures that the cork doesn’t dry out, shrink and allow oxidation to occur.

The ideal drinking temperature

White wines and red wines should be served at different temperatures. White wine can easily be kept in the fridge before you drink it, while red wine should be served at an ideal temperature of 13°C. You don’t have to decant white wine before drinking, while red wine is served at room temperature.

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