My soul yearns for Ireland

Since I can remember I had this yearning to go to Ireland. I love the green hues dancing among the hills. I’m intrigued by the myths and legends of the fae and lost kingdoms of Ireland. I love the music. I adore the men. I love their accent. I had plans on going for a few years, but life happened, and it got put off till a rainy day. Next year is looking very promising for rainy days, hoping that life keeps itself in control. This yearning has also gone into my ARACH series. I set the epic tale of Arach in Dublin, Ireland. This brought many hours of research for the right spots and the awesome legends to bring to life in Arach. I found many interesting places and tales I did not know of.

Ireland has mystery embedded in the grains of sand covering the emerald isle. There are various tales of fae sightings and legends of the wee folk. The Tuatha De Denann, the fae folk of Ireland, as recently reported in the Sunday Times, inspired even Tolkien. We must however remember that these fae are not the Tinkerbell of Peter Pan or the modern day fairy tales of Hollywood. These fae were more humanlike with superpowers. The Children of the goddess Danu. Kind of like the Elves of Tolkien.

I want to drive down the tiny lanes and green lush fields in search of faery trees. Trees that none would dare to take out. Usually in the middle of a field, it’s roots protected with stacks of rocks and most probably covered in ribbons. A ribbon for each wish made to the fae. My wishes will definitely adorn many trees in Ireland.

I don’t want to visit the usual tourist places, no I want to go to the littlest of villages, meet the local people. Hear their tales and legends. Hear the stories untouched by modern man’s technology. Then go and search for them. Climb down that mossy, slippery stream with nature chirping it’s glorious song to Gaia. To search for that quick glimpse of something behind a tree, or the melody of a soft song playing among the leaves.

Ai! A dream for now I suppose, but to wake up from that dream in the lush green hills of Ireland, with the laughter and singing of the fae in my ears. I will have a smile as wide as a rainbow, Leprechaun gold dust in my hair and many fae footprints in my soul.

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