How to Make Real Money With Fantastic Trips? Sharing Plans for a Revolution in the Tourism Market

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The FairyWorld team has developed an AR game that combines augmented reality quests, a digital guide, and a service for creating live photos and AR videos. We tell you why the game tour in Georgia in augmented reality will appeal to users and bring profit to the team.

What and How Do We Do?

The team has been working on the project for 2 years. First of all, we prepared our own platform for creating AR games. In fact, the FW platform is a no-code constructor where any user can collect quests in augmented reality without programming skills. Entrepreneurs will create branded games, teachers will gamify their courses, and ordinary users will learn about new products and even can earn money by completing simple tasks.

At the platform, you can create a gaming location for a separate project or business, create tasks requiring payment, link the quest to geo-coordinates, download 3D objects from the library, and even more.

Based on the platform, we made our first AR game — "Fairyland. The Treasures of Georgia”, and developed a mobile application for completing quests. The game combines a text and audio guide, an interactive map of the area, tools for creating photos and videos in augmented reality, as well as fun and interesting quests.

The game user visits the iconic places of Tbilisi, gets acquainted with the history and culture of Georgia through a digital guide, searches for hidden 3D artifacts, deciphers secret messages and wins prizes. We talked about the game in details in the previous articles.

Users of our AR game "Fairyland. The Treasures of Georgia" will follow touristic route, find interesting quests, listen to the digital guide, and make amazing photos and videos with AR effects.

If we want the game to generate income at 100% per annum, we have to sell 3,300 tickets at $5 per month. At first glance, such a volume of sales seems elusive. But amusement parks in Tbilisi sell about the same number of tickets every month for $5-6 per Ferris wheel. But one ride on the attraction lasts about 10-15 minutes, while Fairyland can be played all day long, getting more impressions, knowledge and prizes.

Let's discuss why we will surely reach or even exceed the sales target.

Who Will Play Fairyland and Why?

We have identified four main categories of game users: international tourists; domestic tourists; residents of Tbilisi; relocators, migrants and expats. A new AR game with a built-in guide and "photographer" will provoke interest of users from each group.

62% of foreign tourists visit Tbilisi to have fun, visit friends and relatives. Just in the first quarter of 2023, guests from abroad spent 75.7 million lari on leisure in the Georgian capital.

Domestic tourism is also actively developing in Georgia. The state provides citizens with subsidies for accommodation and transport, improves infrastructure, and encourages participation in capital events. The residents of Tbilisi themselves will also not refuse to play the new AR game. 74% of young people actively play computer and mobile games.

We expect that more than half of the users will be tourists. Therefore, the main focus of the game is getting to know the culture of Georgia, thematic quests, tasks for creating photos and videos. A digital guide and map solves the problem of middle-income tourists choosing whether to save on a guide and explore the city on their own, buy a cheap tour and get a confusing experience, or spend over $60 on a personal guide.

We have studied thousands of reviews about guides on the websites of tour operators. Basically, tourists are dissatisfied with the lack of organization, violation of timings, and their guide’s behavior. Users are also not always satisfied with the quality of digital guides. There are not so many multilingual guides.

Based on the results of marketing research, we calculated the volume of the base audience of our game. Marketers took into account users aged 15 to 50 who visit Tbilisi for recreation and entertainment, play mobile quests and adventure games. To the calculated number of tourists we added Tbilisi natives and upper-middle-income expats who play mobile games daily and spend 2.4% or more of their income on entertainment.

The estimated number of users is 12,937 per month. This is 4 times the ticket sales plan. At the same time, the market capacity reaches 6 million users in Georgia and 5 million users in Tbilisi. In an optimistic scenario, the game can earn $400,000 per month, not considering seasonal changes.

We understand that the demand for the game will fluctuate depending on the tourist season. But even taking into account the decrease in sales in the winter months, at the end of the year we will fulfill the sales plan and occupy our niche in the market.

How Are the Things in the Market?

In order not to get lost among competitors and ensure high demand, we chose a small but profitable niche at the intersection of four market segments.

The FairyWorld team creates a game that is in line with trends and responds to user requests.

  • The number of mobile gamers is growing. In 2022, there were 2 billion players. By 2025, this number will rise to 3.5 billion. (Newzoo)
  • Mid-core games bring in the most revenue. (Newzoo)
  • Mobile games are played by people of all ages: 25-34 years old — 5%; 16-24 years old — 28.3%; 35-44 years old — 23.1%; 45-54 years old — 12.8%; and 6.3% — 55 years and older. (Zorka Agency)
  • Users spend 90% of their smartphone time on apps and games. (Electronic Marketer)
  • Games are the most popular use of augmented reality. 32% of users are interested in augmented reality video games. (Vorhaus Advisors).

Surveys and international studies have shown that people play mobile games and use AR to escape the real world, immerse themselves in a new world and express themselves. These opportunities are open to the Heroes of the gaming tour “Fairyland. The Treasures of Georgia". Tourists are looking for vivid impressions, active entertainment and interesting attractions, which is also available to users of our AR game.

How Will We Earn?

The company has provided four main sources of income.

  1. Sale of game tickets. One $5 ticket gives access to the game for the whole day.
  2. Sale of advertising integrations. Businesses will be able to promote their goods and services through customized AR quests built into the game with mascot characters; offer discounts and product demos as prizes for players.
  3. Sale of souvenirs. We offer users to buy paper photos, photo magnets and photo albums, souvenir AR magnets, merch from FairyWorld and other souvenirs from company partners
  4. Sale of game items. Players will be able to purchase boosters, tips, and buy missing collectibles.

When forming the business model, we calculated the profitability of the project only on the basis of ticket sales. Additional sources of income are a nice bonus that will increase the profits of all project participants.

A simple and understandable diagram of distributing income from the game. Know more about the Fairyland business on our YouTube channel.

Tickets for the game will be sold through the AppStore and Google Play. Also, the game activation code will be given out by distributors. Fairyland promotion involves all components of the FairyWorld ecosystem.

  1. Distributors. In addition to selling tickets, souvenirs and game boosters, distributors will advertise the product. In retail outlets and tourist locations, we will install banners with a QR code, post leaflets and posters.
  2. Partners. FairyWorld cooperates with many international projects. People learn about the AR game through the channels of our friends, colleagues, members of investment pools.
  3. Opinion leaders. The company attracts influencers, bloggers and community leaders to cooperate. They talk about FairyWorld products to their followers and earn a commission on sales.
  4. Business club. HiTech Business Club is part of the FairyWorld ecosystem. Members of the business club hold networking meetings, mutual PR campaigns, communicate and help each other develop their business.
  5. FLARE events. The FairyWorld team holds meetings where we introduce the audience to new technologies, teach how to create games in augmented reality, and hold a contest for the best AR quest. FLARE events are also a networking platform where entrepreneurs, experts and investors get to know each other.
  6. Advertising. We use outdoor advertising, mailing lists, targeting, promotional videos and posts, teasers and other methods of promotion.

Of course, we shall not forget about the good old word of mouth. According to statistics, 1 satisfied user brings 4 friends to the game. People trust the recommendations of their friends, and besides, they will see UGC on social networks — live photos and videos from the game, pictures with merch, reviews from Fairyland users. Reels and TikTok videos from the alternate fantasy universe will go viral and attract new players. The company encourages user activity in social networks and gives gifts for it.

What Else Makes Us Confident in Success?

The main advantage of Fairyland AR games is that we create games on our own platform-constructor. This allows us to make changes 24/7: refine quests and the digital guide based on feedback from users, add new tasks, characters and 3D objects, change the location of the quest, and much more. The team can regularly and quickly improve and scale the game so that users come back and never get bored.

At the FairyWorld platform, the quest is assembled in 5 stages. We can make changes at any level without affecting the rest of the quest elements and the entire infrastructure of the game.

Let's summarize.

  1. The base audience of the AR game is 4 times the sales target.
  2. Market research confirms the growing demand for AR games, active entertainment and apps for creating unique content.
  3. The markets we enter are growing rapidly and generating billions of dollars in revenue.
  4. The FairyWorld team creates a product that combines the best of other offerings.
  5. The project profit is generated from real revenue, from a product that you can see and touch.
  6. The game, like a living organism, will constantly grow and develop, taking into account our users' opinions. The team can add new tasks and develop the storyline every day.

We believe that AR technologies will become an integral part of our lives and each of us will have AR glasses, just like we own smartphones. In the meantime, let augmented reality give us the feeling of something magical and fantastic.

FairyWorld is glad to cooperate with everyone who wants to create magic and merge realities, make money on AR games, create metaverses, and open their own gaming locations. You can learn more about the project and ask your questions in the FairyWorld community chat.

If you want to make money on the game promotion, become a distributor, partner or hold a mutual PR campaign, write to us at Telegram @geras1mofff.




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