5 C.L.E.A.R Ways to AVOID Being Scammed BEFORE Investing Your Crypto Resources


Fig 1. Blockchain projects or dApps listing cybersecurity companies that have audited them are common. Scammers like using this feature to lie to users.

L — Look for Red Flags in their Website or dApp

L1. Look for Websites / dApps with Seemingly Arbitrary or Dubious URLs

L2. Look for Platforms that Promise Yields that Sound Too Enticing

Fig 2. A tell-tale sign that a project is a scam is when they advertise high yields for a short period of time when you invest.

L3. Look for Signs of Scammers Who Are Always Too Eager to Get You to Invest as Quickly as Possible

Fig 3. Many scam sites never give you the option of visiting or browsing their website through a normal web browser. They always insist on needing you to visit their platform through a hot wallet’s browser.

L4. Look for Broken or Absent Social Media Links

E — Exercise Due Diligence

E1. Check for the Platform’s Credibility on Social Media Communities

E2. Check on the Credibility of the Project or Platform via Blockchain Explorers or Cryptocurrency Aggregators

Fig 4. Be skeptical when a site natively shows you how frequent transactions take place on their platform. The transactions that take place natively on a project’s website should be reflected similarly with the transactions shown on a blockchain aggregator.

E3. Read the Project’s Whitepaper

A — Analyze the Audits

Fig 5. Look out for summary information like this whenever you read an audit. Audits publicly show information on vulnerabilities of different severities that can expose projects to different cyber-attacks. If these vulnerabilities are claimed to be unresolved, exercise caution in interacting with said project.

R — Recognize Scammer Behaviour

R1. They Approach You Out of Nowhere

R2. They Immediately Transfer Your Deposits to An Unknown Address

R3. They “Freeze” Your Current Deposits and Ask for More to “Unfreeze” Them

R4. They Ghost You After You’ve Placed Your Investment

In Conclusion:-



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