Should I Write Every Day?

Write Every Day was a Monthly Experiment of John Muldoon three years ago.

One of the participants of this challenge, Bradley Charbonneau, did not stop after 30 days, but kept going. Recently he reached the milestone of 1000 posts in 1000 days! WOW!

He did not just write every day, but also published every day! This is even more WOW for me!

After reading his blog posts and a few others linked on his website, I realized that I really want and need to write more often. This is nothing new. I have been reflecting on this question for some time now.

What is keeping me from it?

Too many other projects and interests that take time.

My perfectionism.

The need for more clarity in which direction to focus my writing.

The lack of the right kind of featured images.

The question whether it is feasible to do everything in two languages, or on which one I should focus.

… to name just a few.

There were times where I kept posting on a regular basis. Then came a big gap in 2011, which was probably the unnoticed beginning of a burnout. Now I am slowly picking up the pieces, for example, by translating old blog posts from 2008–2011 from English to German. Back then most of my readers where English speaking. Even though most of my friends were German speaking, I could not motivate them to come online. Over the last years things have changed. I still feel that a comparatively small percentage of German speaking friends is used to being online and doing more than the bare minimum (such as reading e-mails). Nevertheless, since I am now living again in Austria after many years in other continents, my focus is shifting to those in the same country.

Over the last year, my website has become fully bilingual. Then I started importing blog post from an old blog that are still relevant and making sure that most of these are now both in English and German.

All these were preparatory steps for writing again more often, especially continuing my series on Life Model aspects. However, this kind of posts is not something that I can do every day besides a fulltime job and many other interests, such as painting.

This led to the idea to try daily shorter posts here on Medium.

Starting in August, I plan to write daily on a variety of subjects. The point is getting into a habit of writing. Because …

Habits are more powerful than Goals. (John Muldoon)

I don’t want to set the bar as high as Bradley. I don’t promise to publish every day. I don’t promise to stay on the same topic. I don’t even promise to post always in the same language. The point is to write and make it a habit of writing daily!

I’ll probably start before August 1st, but not necessarily every day, because I have to finish another big project first.

And maybe just by doing this (writing daily), things will get clearer — which language, which topic, which frequency, etc. This also means, that YOU can be part of the process and through your comments help me find the path that is write (oops — right) for me and interesting for you!

Do you want to be a part of this process?

Have you tried something similar? What was your experience?