The Second Of 5 Goal Settings Mistakes Guaranteed To Bore & Sabotage You

“It’s not only one thing. It’s one thing at a time.” Gary Keller, Author of The One Thing

At a recent mastermind session, I led the group through a goal setting exercise where the objective was to choose one goal to work on over the next 90 days. All the members got it, except for one.

Bob (Name changed to protect the innocent. He really is a great guy.) had two goals. We reviewed the process to clarify the benefit of the choosing one goal, just for this project. I made it clear that this was not for a lifetime, just 90 days. Bob hunkered down. He had two goals and there was no way he could let go of one of them. Ever.

Mind you, Bob was not the only one who had more than one goal. During the exercise, there were many who had ten or more goals. One person had twenty.

Each person whittled away, based on priorities and the timeline, to come up with the one goal they could each start working on immediately. They had to take one action toward the goal they had chosen before the end of the day.

Bob couldn’t choose a priority goal and this made it difficult for him to define a starting action.

So, why was it so important to choose one goal. Bob didn’t get it but I’m hoping you will. At least, I will try to convince you the importance of doing this, if you aren’t already on board.

Reason number one — Choosing one goal to work on is a freeing experience. Why? When you have five, ten, or twenty goals staring at you from the page, or even more troublesome, running around in your head, confusion and chaos rules. One of two things happens. You stay in analysis paralysis mode or you get into frenetic action with little to show for it.

Have you ever tried to catch two fish with one fishing rod, or shoot at two birds, at the same time. They will both elude you. Focusing on one thing at a time frees up your mind to accomplish that “one thing”.

Reason number two — Choosing one goal to work on allows you to create energy and momentum to complete it. As Gary Keller says in his book, The One Thing, “To ignite your life, you must focus on one thing long enough for it to catch fire.”

Reason number three — Choosing one goal to work on creates a domino effect. You don’t have to forget about all the other goals you have. You don’t have to be afraid that you won’t complete them all. Knocking down the first one, is like knocking down the first domino in a line-up of dominos. The other dominos will start to fall, just like how your other goals will start to get done.

Taking action on the first goal, the one you choose as a priority, gets you moving. As Albert Einstein so brilliantly said, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

I invited Bob to look at this as an experiment and to have some fun with it. I invite you to do the same. Suspend your disbelief or your fear. Choose one thing. Define an action based on achieving that goal. Start immediately. See what happens.

Tell us: How did this go for you?

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