How did you spend your WhatsApp-free night on Monday? It was like a gift.

I learnt Mandarin and found a cure for cancer.

I’m exaggerating of course, but without the pings and pongs, my evening was transformed.

Of course it’s possible to manually turn off the notifications, but I did…

Do you never feel as if you have enough time for yourself?

Be careful what you wish for because there may be a limit to how much free time is good for us.

Researchers analysed data from two large surveys on how Americans use their time and found that both…

Have you been on a submarine lately? I have. I’ve been aboard Trident’s HMS Vigil via tense BBC drama Vigil. It’s as immersive as it gets. Submersive if you will. There’s a killer trapped on a submarine. Why hasn’t this been done before? It’s great.

Anyway. It’s all modern and…

Recruitment has changed since my day.

There was a time when these sorts of questions were the norm. The idea was they’d test how creative, resourceful or desperate you really were.

But that’s how things were back then, kids.

You had to answer silly questions merely to get a toe…

When did you last hear a mobile phone ring?

The sound of mobiles ringing could become obsolete as young people increasingly turn their phones to silent.

Downloads for ringtones in the UK have slumped by almost a quarter since 2016.

Why? They don’t need them to ring because they’re on…

It’s important to have an intimate relationship with your clients.

You know it, my beautician knows it. That’s why she remembers things about me my own mother doesn’t know. When I bought my flat, when I launched my business, the name of my first pet.

Ok that might be a…

Has Covid-19 wiped out the suit?

Even if we’re shirted from the waist up while on our Zoom calls, we’re more than likely to be stretchy panted down below.

But… those poor suits.

I’m a little sad for them.

[Insert Love Theme from Romeo and Juliette]

The jackets, the ties…

I’ve done up my garden, bought a puppy and made around 103 banana breads.

How many have you ticked off the list?

It’s the new-found enjoyment from gardening that’s surprised me the most because I’m such a townie. …

I’ve had the same personal email since 1998. if you want to chat. Except don’t, because I won’t be able to reply at the moment.

Due to technical issue I’m on another laptop without some of my passwords.

So I’m trying to log into said email account using my…

Houston, we have a problem.

Selling financial advice, let alone financial planning, is an age-old issue.

We all know why:

The trust — Advisers still frequently come out second (after journalists) as being the least trusted profession. …

Faith Liversedge

Marketing specialist, word nerd and story lover. I help financial advisers drive engagement through creative comms. Good to meet you.

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