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Faith Tribe
4 min readDec 14, 2021

Despite the giant economic success of the fashion industry, creators and designers everywhere go unrecognised and under-appreciated. Building a successful career in fashion is hard for many reasons due to strong competition, lack of resources or geographical constraints. While 3D fashion design software like CLO made it easier for designers to work from home, digital fashion remains a relatively new market segment. Creators are still trying to figure out how to work and carve out their careers.

A New Way To Empower Creators Through NFTs
Faith Connexion created Faith Tribe to unlock new opportunities for designers and creators on a global scale. They are developing the first fully decentralized and community-owned ecosystem for the collaborative creation of fashion items. Creators will be empowered by their multi-platform solution built with the latest blockchain, Web3 and NFT technologies, allowing them to design, customize, mint and distribute their own digital and physical fashion assets.

Being largely decentralised, the nature of many NFT projects is similar to theirs — community-focused and collaborative. Faith Connexion is a collective of designers and artists focused on a new translation of fashion for affluent Millennials, and the idea behind Faith Tribe came from the desire to establish their pre-existing collaborative culture and design process onto a platform that would provide new opportunities for designers around the world.

The Democratization of the Fashion Market
Every year, thousands of new creative voices go unnoticed while competing for attention in the enormous fashion market. Faith Tribe aims to bring about the first truly open and global fashion design platform where any other criteria than talent or creativity becomes irrelevant. They want to give members a platform where their work is not evaluated based on anything but the quality of their contributions as a creator. Faith Tribe will be composed of a diverse and inclusive community of artists merging the physical and digital spaces of fashion, art and culture. Through their interactive blockchain-based ecosystem, like minded participants will have their own space to collaborate, innovate and experiment by tapping into the latest in Web3 and NFT technology.

The Design Studio Process
Faith Tribe’s creative platform will give the everyday creative access to their digital Designer Studio. It is here where you’ll be able to virtually design and customise whole garments, outfits and accessories, mint them as NFTs onto their Marketplace and set your own prices and royalty fees. All this will be made possible whilst maintaining full or fractional ownership over your digital assets in perpetuity, and therefore you’ll participate in all future sales of your designs, as well as have the tools to track distribution and sales of your digital or physical products.

The design process is malleable and there are multiple paths a creator can take. Designers and artists will have the choice of working independently or collaboratively on their own designs, or choosing from an existing and eligible garment to customize. You’ll be able to create a single or collection of digital-only fashion goods with or without a physical twin. There’s even an option to crowdsource public contribution to co-own a design or collection of designs!

FaithCoin Powers the Faith Tribe DAO
All transactions on the NFT Marketplace will be made via a native token, Faith Tribe Coin ($FTRB). This will not be merely another cryptocurrency, but rather a catalysing force which acts as the glue of the community while collectively facilitating the governance of the Faith Tribe DAO — a decentralized autonomous organization. By becoming a token holder, you become part of the DAO, and therefore take on part of the responsibility for its governance. Owning FTRB also grants you the right to participate in product strategy, be an active member of the community, and finally earn royalties for your contributions. Those who are most active and dedicated to the success and development of the network will have the coin continuously funnelled to them, ensuring that the future of the platform lies in the hands of those who care about it the most.

Faith Tribe can unlock not only opportunity for unknown creatives, but will open them up to the world of blockchain. The platform offers users massive networking potential, alongside the tools to access the potentially intimidating concept of a DAO in a way that facilitates your growth as a designer, artist or creator. Faith Connexion plans to launch Faith Tribe in January, and invite you to join them in pioneering the future of fashion and collaborative design.

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