Knock knock! It’s wisdom. Can I come in?

Wisdom: Knock, knock!

Our thoughts: Fuck it’s a red light. Let me text like 20 people and say Hi! Hey what’s

up?! Yo! I’m bored!

Wisdom: Uhmm, can anyone hear me?

The car behind us: BEEEP!

Our thoughts: Oh shit it’s a green light. Ok let me turn up the tunes though.

The radio: She said ‘Ye can we get married at the maaaall/ I said look you need to

crawl ‘for you baaalll/Come and meet me at the bathroom staaaall/and show me

why you deserve to have it aallll.

Wisdom: I swear man, it used to be easier to get through to people. The only thing

standing in the way was some books and gossip. Now I got to squeeze through

these podcasts and the radio and the text messages and spotify and reddit and ..

Our thoughts: Damn I look good today.

We pause to take a selfie and post to instagram.

Our thoughts: Just on my way to work! :p #blessed #focused #dayindayout #hustle #hustlesolvesallproblems #purpose #mindful #its2017 #getyours

Wisdom: and instagram and ….