The Fault In Pashtun History!
Hasan Khan Gamaryani

A very well versed, informative and a very helpful piece indeed. Though I have a reservation. 
Iran, back then in Mughal era, was known as Persia (Faras) was not on good terms with Mughals, ever since the times of Jehangir the enmity began. Aurangzeb tried to push his frontiers beyond Persia but after leading a number of expeditions he failed. That’s when the economic downfall of Mughals began. So the point that Iranians and Mughals were on good terms is confusing. 
Secondly if Pashtuns were such an important part of Persian Empire back then, I don’t get the fact why the Iranians hated them afterwards. 
I might be wrong but my critic is based on what I have read so far. Its a brilliant piece though.