American Institute of Laser Weapons Against North Korea

American Institute of Laser Weapons Against North Korea

August 17, 2016, the US Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment website reproduced the American defenseone Site “Global Business Newsletter” editor Marcus Weiss • Gerber titled “Pentagon: We’re Closer Than Ever to Lasers That Can Stop Iranian , North Korean Missiles “article on the latest progress of the US Army green laser pointer anti-missile weapons, the future development and budget, etc. are discussed.With the rapid growth of missile defense needs worldwide, the US military is seeking more affordable, more powerful laser weapons, used against the growing ballistic missile threat.

According to information from the city of Huntsville, Alabama, said the US Department of Defense that the laser weapon is fired to intercept North Korea and Iran’s long-range ballistic cheaper and more efficient way. US military officials say, after ten years of technical tests, “directed energy” weapon from the battlefield use getting closer.

August 17, 2016, the US Missile Defense Agency director James • Syria Ning (James Syring) will say, “This is not a good desire, which is what we are trying to do the work. I think the future of 500mw green laser weapons extremely important. “in a space and missile defense recent annual meeting held on Syria Ning and other military officials laser anti-missile issues were discussed, that the laser weapons can eventually become a new kind of missile interceptors. Mainly due to the development of laser weapons for two reasons: First, compared with the existing missile interception system, laser weapon can intercept incoming missiles in the early phases of flight; the second is the cost of a laser weapon to fire very low.

Acting director of the Army Acquisition • Katrina McFarlane (Katrina McFarland) said, “We must deal with the reality, that is: the enemy fired missiles compared to the cost of our existing interceptor is too high, must be allowed to the huge cost of the war we turn from rival party. “Army leaders fear they may have to launch costly interception to intercept weapons with explosives for low cost rockets or small UAVs.

On Huntsville Alabama Department of Defense held a cocktail party, director of the Army’s Future Combat Center Space and Missile Defense Command • James Johnson (James Johnson) said, “At present, we are faced with the problem of missile defense worldwide demand is far greater than missile defense capability. “ Information from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments show that the US Congress has allocated $ 119 billion for missile defense projects, which include: Alaska, California and land-based missile interceptors deployed propelled THAAD interceptor weapons, missile early warning radar. Defense Department asked Congress allocated $ 34.87 billion for the 2017–2021 fiscal years to provide financial support for these projects. The think tank, a recent study mentioned in the report, “In the foreseeable future, spending in this area will generally remain at the current level.”

Recently, the United States Navy, “Ponce number” amphibious transport dock ship deployed 30 kilowatts prototype laser weapon system, the laser weapon system can destroy small unmanned aerial vehicles and disabled boats. Laser pointer weapon shot once cost less than $ 1, while launching a missile usually takes millions of dollars.However, if you want to use laser weapons to destroy a missile, we need to have more energy laser weapons, and to provide them hundreds of kilowatts of electricity. Huge laser weapons capable of shooting down missiles the size of the volume, only miniaturized, can be deployed on fighter jets or unmanned aerial vehicles. “This is what we have been pursuing the reasons for the use of mature technology, not only to consider the technical aspects, but also strive to size and weight down,” said Ning Syria. Our goal is to reduce the existing laser weapon systems the size and weight, which is the Ministry of Defence in the past decade has been the pursuit of the goal.

Existing missile interception systems, laser weapons are not enemy missiles in mid-flight or last paragraph collided with and destroyed, but it is not yet before the boost phase into outer space will be destroyed it. Over the past decade, the US Department of Defense implemented a costly airborne 2000mw green laser weapon project. In one test of the project, the final airborne laser weapon shot down a missile in the boost phase of flight. The main problem encountered in testing is that the deployment of laser weapons Boeing 747 aircraft missile launch site must be in the vicinity, and this large aircraft loaded with lasers must supply chemicals, such a huge target in wartime would be enemies live targets fighters and anti-aircraft missile systems.

Syria Ning said that in the next few years, the Missile Defense Agency plans to use installed on “death” UAV laser weapons extensive tests until 2021, “a low-power laser weapon demonstrator” project ended. Target “low-power burning laser pointer weapon demonstrator” project is deployed in high-flying “death” UAV laser weapons, track and destroy launch soon is still in its boost phase missile. In addition to the UAV airborne laser weapons, the Army is still concerned about the missile can shoot down ground laser weapons.

Made a brief statement on the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command and Army Strategic Command • David Mann (David Mann) I will, also in the meeting, referred to the Army’s use of a laser or other directed energy weapons for “The Avengers” air defense missile system to improve the situation. Army’s “Avenger” air defense missile system is the “Hummer” vehicle system for the launch of the “Stinger” anti-aircraft missiles to intercept cruise missiles.

US missile defense experts Center for Strategic and International Studies of Tom Karako said laser weapons will be like the US Army’s “Avengers” or Israel’s “Iron Dome” anti-aircraft missile systems that could soon be used for tactical missile defense. However, we must wait until the 100mw laser weapons can be mounted to the UAVs can be used for launch shortly after the shooting down missiles.

Vice President of Lockheed Martin’s “missile systems and advanced projects” Doug Graham (Doug Graham) said that in recent years, laser technology matures aroused great interest. He said, “We paid a lot of efforts to develop and improve a number of new technologies, based on the original capacity of the efforts to obtain new capabilities.”

Shoot down a missile in addition to the laser itself has a high demand, but also the mirror, adaptive optics and software tracking technologies have a great relationship. • Lockheed Martin and Boeing have been demonstrated to be the breakdown of a low energy level laser 200mw weapons small UAVs. Boeing also for the Army’s Stryker (Stryker) armored combat vehicles developed a high-energy laser weapons grade. However, Graham said, to destroy missiles in the boost phase, requiring a higher level, even up to several hundred kilowatts of laser weapons.

“Currently, we do not achieve this goal, but I think in five years we will achieve that goal,” he said, “At that time, we will be able to demonstrate deadly lethal missiles in their boost phase.”