How Many Calories Does A Banana Have?

In case you are on a diet and are avoiding to eat bananas thinking they will ruin your healthy eating plans, then we suggest you reconsider. Bananas are not only delicious, but they also boast several health benefits that would persuade you to add them to your diet.

Replete with nutrients, these are among the healthiest fruits you can eat. If you are counting the calories, you consume and wondering how many a banana has, then keep reading!

A medium-size banana clocks at 105 calories which are just a fraction of what an urban adult is supposed to consume in a day. While a large banana can have as many as 121 calories, a small one has only about 90. Hence, those concerned about the number of calories they are consuming can pick a smaller banana and keep a check on their health.

There is about 27 gram of carbs in an average-sized fruit and 4 grams of fat. So, if you are following a low-carb diet, then you may opt for other low-carb fruits like watermelon and strawberries.

Now Know more about health benefits of bananas add them to your diet and take another step towards healthy living.