What does OTP mean?

Do you know what OTP means? Some of you must have come across the terms in their daily lives, but some may be absolutely ambiguous to this term. Leading on to believe that at times we need to do some catch up to keep up with the pace of this rapidly changing landscape of ours.

This is a word that is mostly seen being used on Tumblr by numerous users who want to describe two people in a work of fiction which they would think will make a good pair! It is often used by teens and is not as famed like other terms such as AF, TFW, SMH, and others. You might see it on other websites too, but it’s most evident on ‘Tumblr.’ Example: Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert are my OTP.

How Is It Used?

Many users like to reveal to the community who they think can be their OTP. It is as if they are adding a description to their crush which is nonetheless a celebrity of a fictional character. At another time, they will point at a famed fictional character and tend to pair them up with another fictional character that they call their OTP.

It is one of the favorite things that fans love to do! They sometimes might pair up two actors from completely different movies or shows, comics, books if they feel that their style sense and personalities match each other. They also sometimes use them to get inspiration for a write-up on them.

It is considered a term which has less worth in present times on social media. It won’t really matter if you know about it or not. It is unless you are a Tumblr fan who holds a purpose of diving into one or many fandoms on the platform. But, remember, this isn’t a word which is mandatory for you to memorize! But since you are reading this article, keep reading about this most used world on Tumblr.

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