Why choose Digital over Paper records in Clinic?

For hundreds of years, all records of all aspects of civilization have been on paper, obviously because the only other option then was for the personnel to memorize them and pass it on through word of mouth. In the 21st century though, we have made leaps and bounds in the growth of Digital Databases and Connectivity.

For industries like Healthcare Education, where a person’s life can be saved or lost based on proper data, it is all the more important to have the best record keeping system possible. So why should we choose digital records like the ones provided by Vestigo Health Solutions’ TracPrac? For the many reasons you can see below.

Save Valuable Space

Save Money to Save Lives

Instead of filling paper attendance sheets daily, you can simply use the Mobile Clinical Attendance feature of TracPrac for tracking clinical hours logged by each student, saving time and money wasted daily on Attendance records. All the money saved can then be invested in actual medical care such as medicines and equipment and personnel.

Easy Access and Search Ability

Security of Data

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