Social Media & Customer Experience Trends Report 2016

How can you use social to drive better CX on social media, and what do Best-in-Class CX marketers do differently to drive themselves ahead of the competition? We surveyed 621 marketers from around the world to find out and we discovered that while 78% acknowledge the importance of managing the customer experience, only 22% are really rocking it.

Key findings of the Social Media & CX Report

This report lays it all out: How global marketers currently approach CX, how they’re using it to drive success on social media, and what challenges they’re facing.

Most fascinating of all, this report reveals why and how the Best-in-Class Marketers are excelling in integrating CX into their social media activities. Now’s your chance to be inspired by those who share your aspirations and pains — as well as a chance to learn from the best.

If you want to become a Best-in-Class social marketer, your journey begins here. Download the CX Trends Report 2016 to get started: